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Additional Services

Therapeutic yoga & guided journaling workshops

Slow down and connect with your thoughts and emotions. The body & mind are inextricably linked. This series of workshops will create a safe and encouraging space for participants to reconnect with themselves, utilizing gentle movement and mindful journaling prompts.


Restorative Health is excited to partner with Omni Temple & Moon Mama to present a community based therapeutic yoga & guided journaling series. Anyone is welcome to attend; you do not need to be a Restorative Health client to participate. 

July 2nd: Connecting to your Body
Our first workshop will help to reconnect you with your physical being. Increase your ability to be present with your body, and to feel all of its sensations, emotionally and physically. We will explore what it means to feel at home in our own bodies, connected and safe. Let’s move out of the head and travel through the body.


August 6th: Learning from Your Body
Our second workshop will help you understand and interpret signals from your body. We will reflect on the experience of connecting to your body and then explore how it feels to be present for yourself without judgment. Learn to listen to what your body is saying to enhance your well-being.


September 10th: Practice of Embodiment
Our final workshop will act as a guide for you to explore what it means to be embodied. Integrating mind, body, and spirit. How do you want to feel in your body? We will explore how your body impacts your emotions and the way you interact with the world around you. We will set intentions and offer tools to bring home with you as you continue your practice of embodiment, growing and blossoming. 
You may attend just one or all of the workshops. 

Please park along Main St. (Not allowed on County Rd.) or there is a public parking lot at the Preschool across the street.

Pricing and Registration

Single workshop: $25
Three Class Series: $60

In order to allow these workshops to be inclusive, affordable, and accessible, please pay what you are able. If you would like to pay more, this will assist others to attend who may not otherwise be able to. This community generosity and support is very much appreciated. 

Come as you are. No level of experience is necessary. Infants in arms are welcome. Please bring a bottle of water, a journal & yoga mat. We have extra mats & journals if you need. 

Please contact Chrissie at or Ashley at with any questions. 

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